Crazy Prices

We purchase 20' shipping containers for $2,300 delivered; this goes up or down slightly with scrap metal prices. This is 3 weeks' rent in San Francisco, where the median apartment rent is $3,400 a month. That's assuming you can find a place and get your lease signed before more of an increase: occupancy's 95.1%, and rents have risen 9.8% in the last year! You might get a studio for a month at exactly the same price as buying a container: [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] 1 Container = 1 Month Studio Rent (source: pricenomics)[/caption] Alameda, the large county in which Oakland is located, is a bit but not much less absurd: "$1,994 a month, up 11.6 percent. Occupancy rate 97.3 percent" Makes it seem a little less crazy for us to be renting parking spaces for $600 a month, huh?

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