Danger! High voltage!

Danger! High Voltage! After a long hiatus and much container shuffling, work on container 10 resumed. There are many experiments under way, wood studs, batting insulation, internal wiring. For a few days I was daunted by the electrical isle and it's 10,000 components. Once supplies were sorted, wiring the house went fairly quickly. Box 10.0 has an external plug and a breaker box in addition to all the usual outlets, sockets and switches. 15 - 6 IMG_20150417_122156IMG_20150416_164540IMG_20150416_142022IMG_20150416_163216We installed the studs depending on where they hit on the corrugate, either parallel or perpendicular to the metal. There is a 2" variance between the corrugate which means the 2x4 sitting parallel to the metal was still 1/2" shorter than the 3.5" perpendicular stud. In hind sight ripping down all perpendicular studs would have saved me a lot of grief and shimming.   IMG_20150503_144021IMG_20150223_174808 I went through about 100 ft of 12/2 Romex wiring 4 outlet boxes, a dual switch and the breaker box. It was a little tricky finding outlet boxes and light sockets shallow enough to sit against some of the 2x4's. For the outlets I wound up using 1-Gang 22 cu. in. New Work Box adn small metal octagon ceiling mounts for the light fixtures. IMG_20150416_162821 Batting insulation was an easy install although came with all the usual rashy itchiness associated with a week of hugging fiberglass. For the walls I am experimenting with foil lined osb as a cost effective alternative to low grade play with a nicer finish. So far the house just looks like an easy bake oven. Fingers crossed, once it's primed and painted I won't wake up feeling like a well roasted carrot. 15 - 3IMG_20150426_115316IMG_20150507_145140IMG_20150507_145833   Wonderful giraffe piñata figurehead, a container warming present from an awesome friend of mine.

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