Farewell to test site 1

After about a year and a half, test site 1's lease has come to an end. IMG_20150304_135910 When Luke and I moved onto the vacant triangle of land in West Oakland we didn't plan to start a village. That developed organically. Lesson One: organic shouldn't mean lawless. This leads to chaos, uncontrollable squirreling of dumpster treasures, inefficient land use, and more chaos. We were left with a lot of garbage to dumpster, and last-minute forklifting of chickens: [video width="404" height="720" mp4="http://www.boxouse.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/chickensMove.mp4"][/video]   ending up with a site left pretty much how we found it:   IMG_20150304_135914 Lesson Two: If you have scrappers in your neighborhood, embrace them! What initially was an overwhelmingly depressing mountain of everything imaginable and then some, abandoned during a harried exodus became a diminished mountain as scrappers picked through and retrieved what value they could find. Small word of caution, they may also steal your dumpster because it's metal and you can scrap anything. Lesson Three: Make your neighbors happy. Seriously, neighbors can keep your community open and be powerful advocates or they can call the city everyday because they are not the type of early adopters who share your enthusiasms. Lesson Four: Celebrate, sometimes with a huge fire: IMG_20150302_232231 To celebrate we had a bonfire on the newly vacated land. The goal was to burn through our piles of left-behind wood, and we put a serious dent into it. Lesson Five: Try and try again. At least 2 new sites of shared tiny homes have been established as a result of this experiment ending. They'll be better based on what we learned at site 1. Rinse, lather, move your containers, and repeat:)

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