Now They Can't Hear My Thoughts

There were dark days. Days of cold, damp, northwestern weather. Low light, grey clouds and high winds. These were the days I felt crazy, slightly hopeless and more than a little foolish for taking on such an idealistic project. There are no pictures of these days (probably because I took them with my phone and living up to my nickname Calamity, my phones rarely live long enough for their pictures to migrate onto more permanent storage). The containers hit the land in early November. Cold steel boxes all gaping holes and exposed ribs. We lived for a time in a two person tent, in a container, on a vacant lot. The rain blew through the holes and pelted our barely water resistant home. I probably faired the best, sandwiched between a mad scientist and a giant dog. We spent a few weeks as the drown rat brigade. Finally the sun broke through, the insulation arrived and it dried up enough to instal windows in one container. After comparing cost and analyzing our general weather conditions we decided to insulate with double bubble foil, at 1/16" it saves valuable space (also it's really fun to say). We attached it with lock tight spray adhesive. I am still looking for a more effective alternative but generally the adhesive served it's purpose. Foil for a house For a while we lived in a foil enclosed box, ironic timing, living on a new frontier of privacy invasion, perhaps my thoughts were interrupted. With the containers sealed and a new year upon us the container village was born. In January our friends moved into the second container despite its unassembled state. Another friend and container fiend joined us as well, adding  five 40' containers and the floppiest mastiff puppy ever to our burgeoning community. [caption id="attachment_198" align="aligncenter" width="3264"]New containers, dogs approve. New containers, dogs approve.[/caption]

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