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It's been a long process, turning a tree into my kitchen cabinet. I finally welded the bottom track in place and was really excited the doors slide smoothly. There was a lot of waffling on design and execution which slowed me down but I can not wait to drop the sink in, plumb it and finally have a place to cook![caption id="attachment_276" align="alignnone" width="225"]Our first challenge, cutting down a 42" log in preparation for milling. Our first challenge, cutting down a 42" log in preparation for milling. [/caption]img_20161122_140609089

Containers = Legos

And here are my sweet new block connectors: img_20161121_220108

Living 'On The Street'

I'm happy to announce that I'm now living 'on the street'! [gallery type="slideshow" size="large" ids="514,521,520,519,518,517,516,515,513,512,511,510"]


Boxouses no longer require land: park your portable, beautiful, affordable smart home wherever you can put a trailer. Our new version will also include self-monitoring water tanks, solar power, and full voice control. It's the smartest, most sustainable home you would want to buy, and it'll cost less than $50k delivered. Stay tuned!img_20161104_074046 img_20161104_074150 img_20161104_135510 And, in surround!

Latest Boxouse Photos

From our friend Daily Laurel. He even makes the warehouse mess look good:) dscf2248 dscf2252dscf2206 dscf2213 dscf2215 dscf2216   dscf2256