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Boxouses Site 1

Here's where the first several boxouses are going to live, for as long as we can keep them there: [gallery ids="38,42,39,40,41,43,44,45,46"] Central, awkwardly-shaped land. Unknown amounts of industrial waste necessitating raised beds (West Oakland, so at least some assumed). Great graffiti included at no extra charge! Adventure.

Strange Plans

We are on a new frontier. For now, “We” are an artist, who has experience working on farms, an entrepreneur who has a propensity for technology and operates mostly under the guise of a mad scientist and an actual mad scientist whose quest to make daily is rapidly transforming him into a prolific artist. Combined we have a variety skills. The task and plans currently on hand are somewhat foreign and very intriguing but, the future starts slow, mostly phone calls about pricing and inventory, chalk lines of future walls, debated,erased and redrawn. Paper and diagrams plaster a place I...