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Business Insider Visits Boxouse

Back in June we showed Business Insider around our current Boxouse site. Over twenty containers have come in through the course of the last year. Some of them becoming homes in new permanent  locations, making room for new projects and inspirations. bi-tiny-house-8797

Video of HOPE XI Speech

Here you go:

Hacking Housing Presentation @ Hope 11

Enjoy! Video soon...  

Hacking Housing

Here's my presentation at Ink Asia 2016 (click 's' to see speaker notes):   As I speak with friends around the world, it strikes me that Oakland may be the *least* friendly place for DIY buiding of affordable, sustainable, and interesting homes. A challenge:)

Tiny Houses on NPR

We spoke with Michael Krasny + other tiny house builders on KQED's forum. Most callers had interesting comments, with only a couple rants:) You can listen here.