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Russia Today Converage

Cool to see some international insterest in our work: Russia Today did a quick skype interview with me:   Full article here.

Apartment Sadness?

ughshipping Usually, reporters do great work covering our project. But sometimes, media sources are too lazy to even contact us for a story. Example: this sfist piece. Best line: "... his miniature shipping container nightmare chamber sits alongside 11 others in a warehouse at an undisclosed location in Oakland. File under: Apartnment Sadness?"

Shipping Containers As Affordable Bay Area Housing

Bloomberg spoke with us about boxouse as an affordable option to live in the San Francisco Bay Area. The stats are stunning: "The median rent in June jumped 16 percent from a year earlier in San Francisco to $4,272 and climbed 15 percent to $3,237 in the metro area, Zillow Group Inc. reported Thursday. The median sales price is $1.14 million in the city and $660,000 areawide." Full article here.

"We enforce codes. That's what we do."

Rachel Flynn, Director Planning and Building, City of Oakland: "Nobody can just build something in the city and not get approvals."

Chris Hambrick, KALW: "Is the city of Oakland specifically in support of alternative housing?"

"Sure, sure, absolutely, yup."

"Is there some specific way that your office is encouraging it?"

"No, that’s not what we do. that’s what the private sector does. They want to make money, they want to be inventive, they want to be creative, they want to be entrepreneurs. we enforce codes. That’s what we do."