Preparing For Chickens

[caption id="attachment_84" align="alignright" width="200"]Flying chicken coop. Flying chicken coop.[/caption]I built a coop for our future chickens. It will be some time before they arrive and six weeks after that when they have enough adult feathers to live outside. Keeping true to style, the new coop was naturally subject to a go with the crane.

Heavy Metal

The containers arrived! Unfortunately our jet-setting mad scientist was off to India to speak about automated gardening at INK.. I, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the magnitude of metal work which lay before me, progressed slowly to say the least.Agle Iron Window Frame We had given ourselves two weeks to do all the major welding and metal projects for both containers. There was a dash at the end but with window frames in and studs welded up for the most part, the containers were ready for life...

In-Progress Quick Tour

A quick walk-around of the container in-progress: )

Now They Can't Hear My Thoughts

There were dark days. Days of cold, damp, northwestern weather. Low light, grey clouds and high winds. These were the days I felt crazy, slightly hopeless and more than a little foolish for taking on such an idealistic project. There are no pictures of these days (probably because I took them with my phone and living up to my nickname Calamity, my phones rarely live long enough for their pictures to migrate onto more permanent storage). The containers hit the land in early November. Cold steel boxes all gaping holes and exposed ribs. We lived for a time in a...

Home is where the box is

The containers have been released into their semi-permanent habitat! The plan was to drop our new containers at the studio where we would have access to boundless power. Two weeks certainly seemed enough time to plasma cut the window holes, place frames, measure, cut and weld studs and basically knock out all the heavy power tool work. But then.... My jet setting technology guru and source of brute strength was lured off to India to give a talk and my attempts to continue on single handed is laughable. This is the drawn out explanation of why I will now be...