Living 'On The Street'

I'm happy to announce that I'm now living 'on the street'! [gallery type="slideshow" size="large" ids="514,521,520,519,518,517,516,515,513,512,511,510"]


Boxouses no longer require land: park your portable, beautiful, affordable smart home wherever you can put a trailer. Our new version will also include self-monitoring water tanks, solar power, and full voice control. It's the smartest, most sustainable home you would want to buy, and it'll cost less than $50k delivered. Stay tuned!img_20161104_074046 img_20161104_074150 img_20161104_135510 And, in surround!

Latest Boxouse Photos

From our friend Daily Laurel. He even makes the warehouse mess look good:) dscf2248 dscf2252dscf2206 dscf2213 dscf2215 dscf2216   dscf2256

Business Insider Visits Boxouse

Back in June we showed Business Insider around our current Boxouse site. Over twenty containers have come in through the course of the last year. Some of them becoming homes in new permanent  locations, making room for new projects and inspirations. bi-tiny-house-8797

Video of HOPE XI Speech

Here you go: