TEDx Talk

Heather and I spoke about some of our latest container adventures at TEDxConstitutionDrive. Check it out here:

Boxouse SXSW 2015 Presentation

Here's our presentation from SXSW Interactive 2015 (Our Shipping Container Home: DIY Off-Grid Urbanism):   Thanks to the SXSW team for a fun conference and an enthusiastic crowd!

A spaghetti western on lean urbanism

Thank you so much to Kirsten Dirksen for including boxouse in her exploration of Lean Urbanism. See for yourself: We're more than flattered to be included in Kirsten's work and mentioned alongside some of our housing heroes:)

Danger! High voltage!

Danger! High Voltage! After a long hiatus and much container shuffling, work on container 10 resumed. There are many experiments under way, wood studs, batting insulation, internal wiring. For a few days I was daunted by the electrical isle and it's 10,000 components. Once supplies were sorted, wiring the house went fairly quickly. Box 10.0 has an external plug and a breaker box in addition to all the usual outlets, sockets and switches. 15 - 6 IMG_20150417_122156

Bay Area Homesteading

Thanks to KQED for a well-written, fair article about our urban homesteading efforts! Check it out here.