East Bay Express on housing innovation

Thanks to the East Bay Express for including boxouse in a great article on housing innovation.

Home ownership and it's greater implications

I wanted to link to a really interesting article that went up on Medium on March 25. The conclusion I drew: Occupy Tiny!

Sourceable talks about the future of tiny talks tiny houses and the need for change in city planning. Read the whole article here:

Portlandia Gets It Right

About when tiny houses go majorly wrong:

Farewell to test site 1

After about a year and a half, test site 1's lease has come to an end. IMG_20150304_135910 When Luke and I moved onto the vacant triangle of land in West Oakland we didn't plan to start a village. That developed organically. Lesson One: organic shouldn't mean lawless. This leads to chaos, uncontrollable squirreling of dumpster treasures, inefficient land use, and more chaos. We were left with a lot of garbage to dumpster, and last-minute forklifting of chickens: [video width="404" height="720" mp4=""][/video]   ending up with a site left pretty much how we...