Fast metalworking

Here's a timelapse of us plasma cutting and doing some welding on a shipping container soon-to-be-boxouse. IRL several hours, but here's 50 seconds, including a substantial break for a late dinner:)

Crazy Prices

We purchase 20' shipping containers for $2,300 delivered; this goes up or down slightly with scrap metal prices. This is 3 weeks' rent in San Francisco, where the median apartment rent is $3,400 a month. That's assuming you can find a place and get your lease signed before more of an increase: occupancy's 95.1%, and rents have risen 9.8% in the last year! You might get a studio for a month at exactly the same price as buying a container: [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] 1 Container = 1 Month Studio Rent (source: pricenomics)[/caption]...

New Neighbors

Our new site is coming along swimmingly: our first new neighbors have just received their container. Sean and Kate, welcome to Oaktown! IMG_20141204_155429 IMG_20141204_155626 IMG_20141204_155507 They even added fancy tea lights and a tent: IMG_20141204_221204IMG_20141204_221211 Apologies to Sean for almost running him over with the forklift:)

Home is where the horse (trailer) is

[caption id="attachment_261" align="alignnone" width="417"]The Pulse and Bloom crew packs their bags and heads off to lands unknown. The Pulse and Bloom crew packs their bags and heads off to lands unknown.[/caption] A friend of ours called and said he knew someone who was trying to find a new home for an old semi trailer. While our main focus is converting shipping containers, curiosity got the better of us and we towed our new dwelling shell home. While the exterior of the trailer is nothing to write home about the interior is amazing. Rich curved wood...

Meet the Wood Mizer

[caption id="attachment_277" align="alignnone" width="584"]IMG_20141010_095911 Some finished boards and a new log ready to go[/caption] A few weeks ago we went on a field trip to learn to mill wood with a friend in San Ramon. It was a beautiful day at the end of which we had two full truck loads of freshly milled Aromatic cedar, elm and redwood. While building houses by hand has been a really fun learning curve, taking the process back to its origin is even more exciting. In six months when the wood has finish curing, I will build...